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Bayside band

Bayside band photo 2014

Bayside Biography

Based in Queens, New York USA, the Alternative-Rock outfit Bayside came together during the winter of 2000 around the core of vocalist Anthony Raneri and lead guitarist Jack O'Shea.
After some line-up changes and two EPs, in 2003 the band signed to the well-established Chicago-based independent label Victory Records.

Bayside's debut full-length CD, "Sirens And Condolences", was released in January 2004. By this time, the band consisted of founding members Raneri and O'Shea along with bassist Andrew Elderbaum and drummer Jim Mitchell.

For the band's sophomore record, Raneri and O'Shea regrouped with a new rhythm section of bassist Nick Ghanbarian and drummer John 'Beatz' Holohan and in August 2005 surfaced a self-titled album which made a brief visit to The Billboard Top 200 chart for one week.
That same year, a tragic auto accident resulted in the death of John 'Beatz' Holohan. The loss took an immense toll on the remaining members.

After an understandable grieving period and the difficult task of choosing a replacement in drummer Chris Guglielmo, the band buckled down and rediscovered their art. The result, appropriately titled "The Walking Wounded", was released in early February 2007 to critical acclaim. The CD grabbed a #4 on the Top Independent Albums chart and reached the #75 position on the all-genre Billboard 200 listing. The quartet toured incessantly in support of the album and hit the mainstream with full force. Appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Steven's Untitled Rock Show on Fuse as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Alkaline Trio and Taking Back Sunday, shifted Bayside into the limelight.

In September 2008 the band released "Shudder" which became, arguably, the most successful album of their career debuting at #54 on The Billboard 200. Since their inception on Long Island one fateful winter day in 2000, Bayside released four studio albums with Victory Records selling over a quarter-of-a-million records and has become one of the most likable bands in the industry.

Bayside issued its fifth full-length disc in February 2011. The album, the band's debut for new label Wind-up Records, peaked at #35 on The Billboard 200 and included the single "Sick, Sick, Sick" which hit #32 on The Hot Modern Rock chart.

Latest News:

Bayside prepares to unleash their new record, "Cult"; their first release on Hopeless Records is set to hit stores on February 18, 2014.


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