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Beady Eye

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Beady Eye band

Beady Eye photo 2013
[L-R] Andy Bell, Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Jay Mehler and Chris Sharrock

Beady Eye Biography

London ENGLAND-based Pop-Rock group Beady Eye was formed from the ashes of Oasis, when the British highly talked about band imploded, after a fight between Liam and Noel Gallagher before a concert in Paris in August 2009 and Liam believed the split was inevitable.
Along with Gallagher, the group consists of former Oasis bandmates guitarists Gem Archer and Andy Bell and drummer Chris Sharrock.

While Gallagher admitted that Beady Eye may not stray too far from the formula that made his name, his new band's debut album, "Different Gear Still Speeding", was released in February 2011, going straight into the top 3 of the U.K. Official chart and produced the top 40 hit single "The Roller". In America the disc reached #31 on The Billboard 200 and #20 on the Top Canadian Albums charts.

During 2013 Beady Eye expanded to a five-piece unit with the addition of ex-Kasabian bassist Jay Mehler and in June put out the band's second album, "BE". It contains the single "Second Bite Of The Apple".


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Beady Eye pictures:

  • Beady Eye's Liam Gallagher Beady Eye's Liam Gallagher
    Liam Gallagher live with Oasis (2006)
  • Beady Eye band lineup 2010 Beady Eye band lineup 2010
    Beady Eye band line-up 2010

Different Gear Still Speeding (2011)

Different Gear Still Speeding
1. Four Letter Word
2. Millionaire
3. The Roller
4. Beatles And Stones
5. Wind Up Dream
6. Bring The Light
7. For Anyone
8. Kill For A Dream
9. Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
10. Wigwam
11. Three Ring Circus
12. The Beat Goes On
13. The Morning Son

BE (2013)

1. Flick Of The Finger
2. Soul Love
3. Face The Crowd
4. Second Bite Of The Apple
5. Soon Come Tomorrow
6. Iz Rite
7. I'm Just Saying
8. Don't Brother Me
9. Shine A Light
10. Ballroom Figured
11. Start Anew
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