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The Big Pink

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The Big Pink

The Big Pink photo 2011

The Big Pink Biography

Hailing from London, ENGLAND, the Alternative-Rock outfit The Big Pink is centered around multi-instrumentalists and long-time friends Milo Cordell, son of '60s Pop producer Denny Cordell and Robbie Furze. Although other cyclical members are drafted in for live shows and recording, such as Alice O'Connell, Joanne Robertson, Daniel O'Sullivan and drummer Akiko Matsuura, it is Cordell and Furze who with droning guitars, abstract effects, gritty beats and dreamy vocals are the compositional force behind the band's arty soundscape.

First single "Too Young To Love" hit record stores in 2008. Roundly praised, its analogue synths and sinister undertones set the watermark for what to expect from the two-piece. A second single, "Velvet", arrived in the spring of 2009. The Big Pink followed up their critically acclaimed early singles with their debut album, "A Brief History Of Love", the 11-track set was released in September reaching #56 in their native U.K. and the #138 position on the American Billboard 200 Albums chart. It contained the Alternative Rock top 40 hit "Dominos".

The duo's sophomore record, "Future This", was released in January 2012; it includes the singles "Stay Gold" and "Hit The Ground (Superman)".


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  • The Big Pink 2009 The Big Pink 2009
    The Big Pink 2009

A Brief History Of Love (2009)

A Brief History Of Love
1. Crystal Visions
2. Too Young To Love
3. Dominos
4. Love In Vain
5. At War With The Sun
6. Velvet
7. Golden Pendulum
8. Frisk
9. A Brief History Of Love
10. Tonight
11. Count Backwards From Ten

Future This (2012)

1. Stay Gold
2. Hit The Ground (Superman)
3. Give It Up
4. The Palace
5. 1313
6. Rubbernecking
7. Jump Music
8. Lose Your Mind
9. Future This
10. 77
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