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Black Light Burns

Black Light Burns bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Black Light Burns

Black Light Burns photo 2007
from left: Wes Borland, Danny Lohner, Marshall Kilpatric & Nick Annis

Black Light Burns Biography

Los Angeles, California USA-based Black Light Burns is the new project from former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland.

The group, with the debut album "Cruel Melody", brought many talented musicians together to create a very unique Alternative-Metal Industrial full-length disc; the studio version of the band consists of Borland on vocals+guitar, longtime Nine Inch Nails accomplice producer bass guitarist Danny Lohner, keyboardist Josh Eustis and drummer Josh Freese best known for his work with A Perfect Circle. The touring line-up features Borland, guitarist Nick Annis, bassist Sean Fetterman and drummer Marshall Kilpatric.
"Cruel Melody" was issued on producer Ross Robinson's new label I Am: Wolfpack, in June 2007; the 13-song set includes the Hot Mainstream Rock top 30 hit "Lie".


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Black Light Burns pictures:

  • Wes Borland Wes Borland
    Wes Borland

Cruel Melody (2007)

Cruel Melody
1. Mesopotamia
2. Animal
3. Lie
4. Coward
5. Cruel Melody
6. The Mark
7. I Have A Need
8. 4 Walls
9. Stop A Bullet
10. One Of Yours
11. New Hunger
12. I Am Where It Takes Me
13. Iodine Sky
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