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The Black Maria

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The Black Maria

The Black Maria photo 2006

The Black Maria Biography

The Black Maria formed in 2002 in Toronto, Ontario CANADA; the orginal line-up was Chris Gray on vocals, Alan Nacinovic and Kyle Bishop on guitars, Mike De Eyre on bass+keyboards and Derek Petrella on drums. They named the band after the notorious police vans of the early 20th century. Dynamic and emotion-filled, The Black Maria create their lush sound with a creative, airtight rhythm section and dual guitars complimented by frequent piano, organs, strings and soaring harmonies. Victory Records owner Tony Brummel was invited to see the band in 2004; shortly afterward The Black Maria signed with the label and started plans to record.

Their debut album, "Lead Us To Reason", was released in January 2005 to wide acclaim from critics and fans alike; it reached #33 on U.S. Top Independent Albums chart. Playing live and touring is at the heart of every bands existence and the Toronto rockers proved this by staying on the road for over a year straight in support of their album. Their adventures took them across the United States, Canada and the U.K. playing with such diverse and high profile bands as Sum 41, Chevelle, Rise Against and Victory Records label mates Hawthorne Heights and Atreyu.

Line-up changes became inevitable during the exhilarating but tough year and in 2006, The Black Maria welcomed drummer Theo McKibbon and replaced Bishop with guitarist Scott Swain. Thus reconfigured the band started recording their second studio effort, "A Shared History Of Tragedy", which was issued in September 2006; the set includes the single "Waking Up With Wolves".


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The Black Maria pictures:

  • The Black Maria band 2005 The Black Maria band 2005
    Group shot 2005

Lead Us To Reason (2005)

Lead Us To Reason
1. The Memento
2. Betrayal
3. Organs
4. Our Commitment's A Sickness
5. The Distance From The Bottom
6. The Lines We Cross
7. Mirrors And Cameras
8. Sirens
9. To Have Loved
10. Ash
11. Rats In The Prison

A Shared History Of Tragedy (2006)

A Shared History Of Tragedy
1. The Perilous Curse
2. Waking Up With Wolves
3. Nothing Comes Easy But You
4. Van Gogh
5. A Call To Arms
6. Lucid
7. The Concubine
8. Living Expenses
9. Fool's Gold
10. A Thief In The Ranks (Your Bike)
11. 11:11
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