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Black Sunshine

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Black Sunshine band

Black Sunshine photo 2010

Black Sunshine Biography

The Alternative-Rock outfit Black Sunshine initially was the brainchild of extreme sports icon Matt Reardon, one of the top rated freeskiers in the world. Reardon suffered a horrific accident that nearly led to the amputation of his leg and during the long recovery found comfort in songwriting. Reardon's injury would require a total of 11 surgeries and over $200,000 in medical bills. Confined to a hospital bed off and on for 3 years and with nothing but time on his hands, Reardon played guitar and wrote over 40 songs.
With a new passion and desire to turn his songwriting into a career Reardon assembled Black Sunshine; based in Lake Tahoe, California USA, the band cosists of Reardon on vocals + guitar, Charles Lee, formerly of Loser on guitar, Chris Serafini on bass and Matthew "Toast" Young on drums.

Wasting no time, Black Sunshine took to the road and began to tour the globe. The band has since traveled the world extensively, performing in North America, Europe, Japan and New Zealand.
The group will release their self-titled debut album on April 13, 2010; the 11-song set includes the single "Once In My Life".


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Black Sunshine pictures:

  • Matt Reardon of Black Sunshine Matt Reardon of Black Sunshine
    Matt Reardon live in Graz, Austria

Black Sunshine (2010)

Black Sunshine self-titled album
1. intro
2. Holy Gasoline
3. Burn To Shine
4. Once In My Life
5. Slave
6. Cannonball
7. Hell Yeah
8. Tears
9. Skeletons
10. Flying Sideways
11. Psycho Babble
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