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Black Tide

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Black Tide

Black Tide photo 2010

Black Tide Biography

Led by the vocals and guitar of Gabriel Garcia, Black Tide also included guitarist Alex Nunez, bassist Zakk Sandler and drummer Steven Spence; the band's inception began in Miami, Florida USA, in 2004 when the quartet first started playing Miami-area clubs; though Garcia was only 10 at the time, none of the older guys were remotely fazed by the idea of playing in a band with him.
After playing countless house parties and club gigs, Black Tide scored their big break when they talked their way onto the main showcase at the 2006 Florida Music Festival; though they're too young to remember the '80s, Black Tide's music draws from the best Hard-Rock and Thrash from the era, think Guns N' Roses, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Skid Row;

Black Tide then opened for such Metal titans as Ozzy Osbourne and Lamb Of God on the mainstage of Ozzfest 2007; after ending 2007 on another high note, a 6-week tour with Avenged Sevenfold, in February 2008 the band unleashed "Light From Above", their debut album for Interscope Records. The first single, "Shockwave", climbed into the top 30 of The Hot Mainstream Rock chart, leading the album to take up residency in the upper reaches of The Billboard 200, at #73 to be exact. The disc contained another minor hit single "Shout".
The group followed the album's release with an appearance on the inaugural Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival alongside Slipknot and Disturbed as well as playing the main stage of Download 2008. After Download, Nunez and the band amicably parted ways; guitarist Austin Diaz was soon added to the fold.

The Florida quartet retuened with a new single, "Bury Me" and their sophomore album, "Post Mortem", in February 2011.


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    The band line-up 2007

Light From Above (2008)

Light From Above
1. Shockwave
2. Shout
3. Warriors Of Time
4. Give Me A Chance
5. Let Me
6. Show Me The Way
7. Enterprise
8. Live Fast Die Young
9. Hit The Lights
10. Black Abyss
11. Light From Above

Post Mortem (2011)

1. Ashes
2. Bury Me
3. Let It Out
4. Honest Eyes
5. That Fire
6. Fight Til The Bitter End
7. Take It Easy
8. Lost In The Sound
9. Walking Dead Man
10. Into The Sky
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