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Bleeker Ridge

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Bleeker Ridge

Bleeker Ridge photo 2010

Bleeker Ridge Biography

The melodic modern Hard-Rock quartet Bleeker Ridge is comprised of two sets of brothers: lead singer Taylor Perkins, guitarists Cole Perkins and Dan Steinke and drummer Dustin Steinke, who met in 2003 at a local jam night in Lagoon City, 15 minutes from Orillia, Ontario CANADA.

They went from playing Classic-Rock covers to writing originals, which they released on two independent CDs: 2004's "Undertow" and 2007's "The Rain", before landing a dream record deal with Roadrunner Records Canada and cutting their debut album, "Small Town Dead". The 12-song set was recorded in California with noted producer Bob Marlette at the helm and finally relased in September 2010; the album's title song jumped into the top 10 of the Canadian Active Rock chart.

Latest News:

In 2013 Bleeker Ridge completed work on their fourth album, simply called "Four", which contains the Canadian Active Rock top 30 single "Last Cigarette".


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Bleeker Ridge pictures:

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Small Town Dead (2010)

Small Town Dead
1. Pick Me Up
2. Small Town Dead
3. You Would've Liked It
4. From Now On
5. Easier Today
6. Not The Only One
7. In Our Hands
8. Sick Of You
9. Still Standing
10. Sixteen Hours
11. Bitter Soul
12. Brother

Four (2013)

Cover-Art posted on Bleeker Ridge's FB profile
INCLUDES: Last Cigarette
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