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Blind Melon

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Blind Melon

Blind Melon photo 2007

Blind Melon Biography

The eclectic Alternative-Rock band Blind Melon got together in 1989 in Los Angeles, California USA, with a line-up consisting of lead singer Shannon Hoon, guitarists Rogers Stevens and Christopher Thorn, bassist Brad Smith and drummer Glen Graham; the quintet quickly recorded a demo tape that landed them a deal with Capitol Records.

Shortly thereafter the group put out their first EP and then hit the road with Soundgarden; in September 1992 Blind Melon issued its self-titled debut full-length disc, the first single off the CD was "Tones Of Home", it cracked the top 10 of The Mainstream Rock chart; they supported the record as Guns N' Roses opening act and by the time the album soared to the #3 slot on The Billboard Top 200 list thanks to the breakthrough success of "No Rain", this single smashed at #1 on both Modern and Mainstream Rock charts, hit the top 20 of The Billboard Hot 100 and propelled "Blind Melon" to sales of over 4 million copies.
The group continued to tour relentlessly through 1993 and 1994, scoring opening slots for Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young and The Rolling Stones, meanwhile, during this time drug problems slowed Hoon down and the band was forced to take a hiatus from playing.
Blind Melon headed back into a New Orleans studio to cut their sophomore effort, but Hoon continued to use substances and he later confessed in interviews that he could not actually remember making the record; "Soup" was finally released in August 1995, it reached the #28 position on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and generated only one charting single, "Galaxie", which peaked at #8 on The Modern Rock Tracks.

Sadly Hoon died of a drug overdose, at the age of 28, on October 21, 1995, in New Orleans.
Almost exactly one year after his death, the surviving bandmembers decided to pay tribute to the singer releasing a collection of outtakes, demos, covers and other rarities, entitled "Nico", the set was named after Hoon's young daughter and reached #161 on Billboard's Top 200.

After failing to find a replacement for Hoon, the group officially went their separate ways in 1999. However, it was clear that there was still an unmistakable demand for the band. When Smith and Thorn were asked to produce a few tracks for Texas-based singer+songwriter, Travis Warren, who also happened to be a diehard Blind Melon fan, it soon became apparent that they had finally located Blind Melon's new singer. With Stevens and Graham reclaiming their spots as well, Blind Melon was back in business. The reformed band spent most of 2007 writing and recording.

Blind Melon will release its first studio album in 13 years this spring. "For My Friends" is due April 22 via Adrenaline Music Group, it includes their new single, "Wishing Well".


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Blind Melon pictures:

  • Blind Melon band lineup 1992 Blind Melon band lineup 1992
    The band line-up 1992

Blind Melon (1992)

Blind Melon self-titled album
1. Soak The Sin
2. Tones Of Home
3. I Wonder
4. Paper Scratcher
5. Dear Ol' Dad
6. Change
7. No Rain
8. Deserted
9. Sleepyhouse
10. Holyman
11. Seed To A Tree
12. Drive
13. Time

Soup (1995)

1. Galaxie
2. 2x4
3. Vernie
4. Skinned
5. Toes Across The Floor
6. Walk
7. Dumptruck
8. Car Seat (God's Presents)
9. Wilt
10. The Duke
11. St. Andrew's Fall
12. New Life
13. Mouthful Of Cavities
14. Lemonade

Nico (1996)

1. The Pusher
2. Hell
3. Soup
4. No Rain [Ripped Away version]
5. Soul One
6. John Sinclair
7. All That I Need
8. Glitch
9. Life Ain't So Shitty
10. Swallowed
11. Pull
12. St. Andrew's Hall
13. Letters From A Porcupine

For My Friends (2008)

For My Friends
1. For My Friends
2. With The Right Set Of Eyes
3. Wishing Well
4. Sometimes
5. Tumblin' Down
6. Down On The Pharmacy
7. Make A Difference
8. Harmful Belly
9. Last Laugh
10. Hypnotized
11. Father Time
12. So High
13. Cheetum Street
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