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Blue Merle

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Blue Merle

Blue Merle photo 2005

Blue Merle Biography

Comprising singer+guitarist & keyboardist Luke Reynolds, mandolin player Beau Stapleton and bassist Jason Oettel, Blue Merle started out as a Nashville, Tennessee USA-based Pop-Rock band in 2002; drummer William Ellis, came on to complete the rhythm section not long afterward.

The quartet was signed to Island Records and then recorded their debut full-length CD entitled "Burning In The Sun".


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Burning In The Sun (2005)

Burning In The Sun
1. Burning In The Sun
2. If I Could
3. Lucky To Know You
4. Stay
5. Every Ship Must Sail Away
6. Boxcar Racer
7. Made To Run
8. Seeing Through You
10. Places
11. Part Of Your History
12. Either Way It Goes
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