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Blue October

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Blue October

Blue October photo 2011

Blue October Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Blue October formed in Houston, Texas USA, in 1996, originally comprising lead vocalist + guitarist & pianist Justin Furstenfeld, lead guitarist Brant Coulter, bass player Liz Mullally, violinist + keyboardist Ryan Delahoussaye and drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld.

The quintet recorded and self-released an album titled "The Answers" two years after the group's formation and not long after Mullally left, being replaced by bassist Matt Noveskey. With huge indie success in the South, labels came running to see who this modern Rock band was that managed to sell plenty of copies without any of their corporate help.

In August of 2000, they delivered "Consent To Treatment" and finally signed to Universal Records; the group also toured relentlessly, sharing the stage with the likes of Incubus, Papa Roach, 311 among others.
After the release of their major label debut, the band was temporarily dropped from Universal and both Noveskey and Coulter left.

However Blue October continued with C.B. Hudson III on guitar and in 2003 issued "History For Sale" through Dallas indie label Brando Records; the album re-released in August by Universal yielded the Billboard's Adult Top 40 hit single "Calling You".

Bassist Matt Noveskey rejoined the Blue October's ranks for the recording sessions of "Foiled", their breakthrough album which was released in March 2006. Aided by the jarringly frank anthem, "Hate Me", which rose to #2 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks and the luxurious melancholy of "Into The Ocean", another Hot Modern Rock top 20 hit, "Foiled" paved the way for this chameleonic alt-Rock outfit to evolve from an intensely beloved cult band into fledgling mainstream radio conquerors; the disc peaked at #29 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart reaching platinum status.

In March 2009 Blue October released its next album, "Approaching Normal", audiences responded, sending the disc into the top 20 of The Billboard 200 list. The first single, "Dirt Room", debuted inside the top 10 of The Hot Modern Rock chart and was followed by "Say It", which reached #28 on the same chart and the Adult Contemporary radio top 40 hit "Should Be Loved".

Two years later, the Texas alt-rockers released their sixth full-length studio album, "Any Man In America", peaking at #8 on The Billboard 200, their best chart performance to date. It included the Alternative Songs top 30 hit single "The Chills".

Latest News:

Blue October has a new album titled "Sway", coming out on August 20, 2013. The first single off the record is entitled "Bleed Out".


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  • Blue October band lineup 2003 Blue October band lineup 2003
    "History For Sale" era
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    Blue October 2005