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Boxcar Racer

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Boxcar Racer

Boxcar Racer photo 2002

Boxcar Racer Biography

Based in San Diego, California USA, the Punk-Rock outfit Boxcar Racer was a side-project for Blink-182's vocalist + guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker. The two wrote all the material and by the fall of 2001 went into the studio with guitarist David Kennedy and bassist Anthony Celestino.

In May 2002 the quartet issued its eponymous album on MCA Records, the record quickly entered the U.S. and Canadian Albums charts peaking at #12 and #7 spots, respectively. The first single, "I Feel So", shot to #8 on The Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks list and "There Is" reached the #32 position on the same chart.


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Boxcar Racer (2002)

Boxcar Racer self-titled album
1. I Feel So
2. All Systems Go
3. Watch The World
4. Tiny Voices
5. Cat Like Thief
6. And I
7. Letters To God
8. My First Punk Song
9. Sorrow
10. There Is
11. The End With You
12. Elevator
13. Instrumental
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