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Brand New Machine

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Brand New Machine band

Brand New Machine band photo 2012

Brand New Machine Biography

The modern Hard-Rock band Brand New Machine formed in late 2009 in Dallas, Texas USA. It would take nearly three years before a stable line-up took form with Brantly Thompson on vocals, Michael Thomas on guitar, Wiley E Oliver IV on bass and Seven Antonopoulos, formerly of Opiate For The Masses, on drums.

Their explosive live show earned them countless opening slots for national acts such as Guns N' Roses, Slaughter, Vince Neil and others. Brand New Machine's debut album "The Devil Made Me Do It", was recorded at Validus Recording Studios in Los Angeles and released in July 2013 via Epochal Artist Records/Capitol Music Group. It included the Active Rock single "Girls Like You".


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The Devil Made Me Do It (2013)

The Devil Made Me Do It
1. Here I Am
2. Girls Like You
3. Devil Made Me Do It
4. Dust The Sky
5. Here And Gone Today
6. Living For Another Day
7. Always On The Run
8. Blackout Overdose
9. Lettin' It Roll
10. What Do I Gotta Do
11. Let Me Go
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