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Brandon Flowers

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Brandon Flowers

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Brandon Flowers Biography

Brandon Flowers, full name Brandon Richard Flowers, was born on June 21, 1981, in Henderson, Nevada USA.
His musical career began in 2001, when he left school and entered a band named The Blush Response. In his music, he wanted to have liberal use of synthesizers. But the band shifted to Los Angeles and Flowers had to leave them. Not long after, he found an ad by Dave Kuening and he responded to it. That was the beginning of the Alternative-Rock band The Killers. The duo selected other band members and they started creating their own music. The result was their first album, named "Hot Fuss", which was released in 2004. From the beginning, the record received praises from critics and huge responses from the audience which eventually led to a multi-platinum status for the album.

After two more studio albums and a B-sides collection, Brandon Flowers announced that he took a break from his band.
"Flamingo", his first solo album, is expected to be released in mid-September 2010; the disc includes the Alternative radio top 40 hit "Crossfire".


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    live in Los Angeles (2006)

Flamingo (2010)

1. Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas
2. Only The Young
3. Hard Enough
4. Jilted Lovers And Broken Hearts
5. Playing With Fire
6. Was It Something I Said?
7. Magdalena
8. Crossfire
9. On The Floor
10. Swallow It
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