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The Bravery

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The Bravery

The Bravery photo 2009

The Bravery Biography

The Alternative-Rock combo The Bravery was first conceived by two art school students, singer + rhythm guitarist Sam Endicott and keyboardist John Conway. In the early '00s they moved to New York City, New York USA, where they discovered the Electroclash scene in full swing. By 2003 the band's line-up was completed with the addition of lead guitarist Michael Zakarin, bassist Mike Hindert and drummer Anthony Burulcich.

The quintet created a fusion of Rock and electronic music playing their first show at The Stinger Club, a tiny dive in Brooklyn, soon after arrived their first EP called "Unconditional" getting them ready for the next step.
Island Records released The Bravery's eponymous debut full-length CD in March 2005. For the next 18 months the band toured the world basically non-stop, enjoying much success; the album debuted at #5 on the U.K. Albums chart and was certified gold within the first week, while the first single, "An Honest Mistake", peaked at #7. This track soon became an international hit reaching the #12 position on the U.S. Modern Rock radio chart and sending the album to #18 on The Billboard 200. The CD featured two more standout singles, The Modern Rock top 40 hit "Unconditional" and "Fearless", which pierced the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart at #23.

May 2007 saw the release of the group's sophomore effort "The Sun And The Moon", it quickly catapulted into the top 30 of The Billboard 200 Albums chart spawning two huge radio hits: "Time Won't Let Me Go" soared into the top 10 of The Hot Modern Rock Tracks, while "Believe" shot to #4 and ended 2008 as the #8 most played song at Alternative stations. The Bravery also toured with such renowned musical powerhouses as U2, Depeche Mode and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Their much-anticipated third studio album, entitled "Stir The Blood", was released in November 2009. It includes the Billboard's Alternative radio top 40 hit single "Slow Poison".


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The Bravery pictures:

  • The Bravery band 2005 The Bravery band 2005
    Group shot 2005

The Bravery (2005)

The Bravery self-titled album
1. An Honest Mistake
2. No Brakes
3. Fearless
4. Tyrant
5. Give In
6. Swollen Summer
7. Public Service Announcement
8. Out Of Line
9. Unconditional
10. The Ring Song
11. Rites Of Spring

The Sun And The Moon (2007)

The Sun And The Moon
1. intro
2. Believe
3. This Is Not The End
4. Every Word Is A Knife In My Ear
5. Bad Sun
6. Time Won't Let Me Go
7. Tragedy Bound
8. Fistful Of Sand
9. Angelina
10. Split Me Wide Open
11. Above And Below
12. The Ocean

Stir The Blood (2009)

Stir The Blood
1. Adored
2. Song For Jacob
3. Slow Poison
4. Hatef--k
5. I Am Your Skin
6. She's So Bendable
7. The Spectator
8. I Have Seen The Future
9. Red Hands And White Knuckles
10. Jack-O'-Lantern Man
11. Sugar Pill
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