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Breaking Point

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Breaking Point band

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Breaking Point Biography

The four-man Alternative-Rock band Breaking Point was formed in 1999 in Memphis, Tennessee USA, by vocalist+guitarist Brett Erickson and guitarist Justin Rimer; bass player Greg Edmondson and drummer Jody Abbott were the last pieces added to the puzzle.

The group issued their debut album, "Coming Of Age", in September 2001 on Wind Up Records, the first single off of the CD was the title-track but "One Of A Kind" was the first Mainstream Rock Top 40 Tracks chart entry.

Breaking Point recently recorded its second album, "Beautiful Disorder", which includes the single "Show Me A Sign"; completing the line-up is Aaron 'Zeke' Dauner who formally joined after the album was recorded, replacing Abbott.


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Coming Of Age (2001)

Coming Of Age
1. Coming Of Age
2. 27
3. Falling Down
4. Phoenix
5. Live For Today
6. Get Up
7. Brother
8. Angry Side
9. Open Wide
10. Under
11. One Of A Kind

Beautiful Disorder (2005)

Beautiful Disorder
1. Show Me A Sign
2. Don't Let Go
3. All Messed Up
4. Promise Keeper
5. Goodbye To You
6. How Does It Feel
7. Had Enough Of You
8. Never Walk Away
9. Nothing Left At All
10. Reality Show
11. Killing With Kindness
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