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Brian 'Head' Welch

Brian 'Head' Welch bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Brian 'Head' Welch

Brian 'Head' Welch photo 2008

Brian 'Head' Welch Biography

Brian Welch, born June 19, 1970 in Torrance, California USA, better known around the world as 'Head', first picked up a guitar at the tender age of eleven and found his original calling.
Barely out of high school, he helped found the Metal band Korn. The band became a grammy award winning, multi-platinum selling band and quickly soared to the top of the music world while selling some 30 million records internationally. The band was credited with being the major influence in the rise of the Nu-Metal movement.
In February 2005, Brian 'Head' Welch shocked the music world when he resigned from Korn to re-dedicate his life to Christ and focus on raising his daughter, Jennea, as a single father.

Significantly and perhaps most importantly, upon his resignation from Korn, Head made clear to the music world that he had not retired from the music and entertainment industry. He penned an autobiography of his life, picked up and released by Harper Collins Publishers in July 2007, entitled, "Save Me From Myself". Head gained further acclaim as a successful author, when the book spent many weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers List.
Brian 'Head' Welch's debut album also entitled, "Save Me From Myself", is a testimony of his life as he battled with drug and alcohol addiction. Released in September 2008, his first LP is a heavy-Rock epic, with a positive message; the set includes the single "Flush".


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Brian 'Head' Welch pictures:

  • Brian 'Head' Welch mid 90s Brian 'Head' Welch mid 90s
    Brian Welch with Korn in the mid-'90s

Save Me From Myself (2008)

Save Me From Myself
1. L.O.V.E.
2. Flush
3. Loyalty
4. Re-Bel
5. Home
6. Save Me From Myself
7. Die Religion Die
8. Adonai
9. Money
10. Shake
11. Washed By Blood
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