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Bril band

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Bril Biography

Bril was an Alternative-Rock four-piece band from San Clemente, California USA; formed by long-time friends, singer + guitarist Dave Starr, guitarist Kris Winrich, bassist Scott Nelson and drummer Kelly Winrich, the band signed a record deal with Kirtland Records in 2003 and the following year headed to Toronto to cut their debut album.

"Airless Alarm" was finally released in November 2005 and the first single off the CD, called "Far Away" received some airplay on Rock radio stations.


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Airless Alarm (2005)

Airless Alarm
1. Don't You Change
2. Far Away
3. Whenever You're Gone
4. Top Of The Bridge
5. A Love Suicide
6. Faster
7. Masquerade Parade
8. Airless Alarm
9. Lush
10. Dry
11. Sold Yourself To Luxury
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