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The Bronx

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The Bronx band

The Bronx, band photo 2012

The Bronx Biography

Bridging the invisible barriers between modern Rock, Metal, Punk and even hardcore music, The Bronx was formed in 2002 in Los Angeles, California USA, by vocalist Matt Caughthran, guitarist Joby J. Ford, bass player James Tweedy and drummer Jorma Vik.

The first offering from the group was a 28 minutes of white hot noise, authentic imperfection at its finest, served to the world three times over during two and a half years of extensive touring. Released in August 2003 and accompanied by a handful of EPs and 7-inches, the debut is considered to be virtually out of print in the United States.

Former Guns N' Roses member Gilby Clarke produced The Bronx's first release and played on "White Guilt", the first single off their second, again self-titled, album which was recorded in a converted methadone clinic in Venice Beach and issued on Island/Def Jam in July 2006.
Approximately a year later, Tweedy left the band to be replaced by new bassist Brad Magers.

In November 2008, the band released their third eponymous full-length disc, hereby known as "The Bronx III", which sees the anarchic Californians beef up both their sound and their line-up, thanks to the addition of a second guitarist, Ken Horne.

Latest News:

"The Bronx" (IV) will be released by White Drugs/ATO Records in the U.S. on February 5, 2013. The 12-song set is the band's first album in five years and comes as the group celebrates its 10th anniversary.


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The Bronx pictures:

  • The Bronx band lineup 2004 The Bronx band lineup 2004
    The band line-up 2004
  • The Bronx band 2007 The Bronx band 2007
    The Bronx band pic 2007

The Bronx (2003)

The Bronx self-titled album 2003
1. Heart Attack American
2. False Alarm
3. White Tar
4. Cobra Lucha
5. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
6. I Got Chills
7. Gun Without Bullets
8. Notice Of Eviction
9. Kill My Friends
10. Strobe Life

The Bronx (2006)

The Bronx self-titled album 2006
1. Senor Hombre De Tamale
2. Small Stone
3. Shitty Future
4. History's Stranglers
5. Oceans Of Class
6. Dirty Leaves
7. Transsexual Blackout (The Movement)
8. Mouth Money
9. Rape Zombie
10. Around The Horn
11. Three Dead Sisters
12. Safe Passage
13. White Guilt

The Bronx (2008)

The Bronx self-titled album 2008
1. Knifeman
2. Inveich
3. Past Lives
4. Enemy Mind
5. Pleasure Seekers
6. Six Days A Week
7. Young Bloods
8. Ship High In Transit
9. Minutes In Night
10. Spanish Handshake
11. Digital Leash

The Bronx (2013)

Tracklisting posted on ATOrecords.com

1. The Unholy Hand
2. Along For The Ride
3. Style Over Everything
4. Youth Wasted
5. Too Many Devils
6. Pilot Light
7. Torches
8. Under The Rabbit
9. Ribcage
10. Valley Heat
11. Life Less Ordinary
12. Last Revelation
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