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Bryan Ferry

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Bryan Ferry

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Bryan Ferry Biography

Bryan Ferry was born on September 26, 1945, in Washington, ENGLAND. Described as one of most innovative and distinctive singers and lyricists to emerge in Pop-Rock music, Ferry's sophisticated, elegant and glamorous on stage persona has won him fans around the world. During his hey days Ferry was known for dating some of the world's most beautiful women including model Amanda Lear and later model Jerry Hall whom he met at a photo shoot in 1975.
He initially found music success with the group Roxy Music; formed in 1970, Ferry fronted the band which he co-founded and went on to achieve ten U.K. top 10 hit singles and eleven British top 10 albums, of which four were U.K. #1s and three were U.S. top 40.

1973 saw Bryan Ferry launch the beginnings of his solo career alongside Roxy Music's group projects; that fall he released the British top 5 album "These Foolish Things" which included the cover of Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall", his first top 10 solo hit.

From this time up until the present day, he has continued to go from strength to strength, achieving great success with his solo endeavours as well as with Roxy Music.
In July 1974 arrived "Another Time, Another Place", another album filled with covers of Soul and Country tunes which rose to #4 on the British chart.

Two years later Roxy Music disbanded and in September 1976 Ferry put out his third solo record, "Let's Stick Together"; it reached the #160 position in U.S. and entered the U.K. top 20, while the title-track itself, a cover of the fluke Wilbert Harrison '60s hit, scored Ferry a deserved British top 5 smash single, with great sax work from Chris Mercer and Mel Collins and a driving, full band performance. The second single, "Heart On My Sleeve", was also a U.K. top 10 hit and became his first solo single to enter The Billboard Hot 100.

Less than six months later, he released an album of totally original material, "In Your Mind", reaching #126 on the American Billboard 200 chart and the top 5 in his native England where the strong opener "This Is Tomorrow" quickly catapulted into the top 10 of the National Singles chart.

In 1978, Bryan Ferry decided to re-form Roxy Music and even released his fifth solo effort "The Bride Stripped Bare" adopting his conventional model, with half the tracks being covers of Rock and Soul classics. The disc didn't rise higher than #159 on the U.S. Top 200 LPs & Tapes chart, failed to breach the top 10 in U.K. and did not produce any hit singles.

In the years to follow Roxy Music released three hit albums: "Manifesto" in 1979, "Flesh + Blood" in 1980 and "Avalon" in 1982. With the success of the band, Ferry has once again taught of going solo and so Roxy Music halted.

In May 1985 he delivered his sixth solo album, "Boys And Girls", the disc rose to the top spot in the U.K. and became his only #1 hit as a soloist there. It also became his best selling LP Sateside peaking at #63 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and subsequently went gold on the back of hit "Slave To Love" which crested at #19 on The Mainstream Rock chart; the second single, "Don't Stop The Dance", climbed into the top 30 of The Adult Contemporary chart. Both these songs also fared well in the U.K. reaching the #10 and #21 spots, respectively.
That same year, Ferry performed two songs at Live Aid with Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on guitar.

Two years later the artist released "Bête Noire" which included the British top 40 hit "The Right Stuff" and his most popular American hit single "Kiss And Tell", #31 on The Billboard Hot 100. The album itself reached #63 on The Billboard 200 and the top 10 in Great Britain.

April 1993 saw the release of another collection of Classic-Rock, Pop and Soul numbers: "Taxi"; the album fell just one position short of #1 in the U.K. and make it #79 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200. The first single, "I Put A Spell On You" which manages the neat trick of sounding almost exactly like a Ferry original, quickly ascended into the British Top 20 chart.

"Mamouna", a new album of original material arrived in September 1994, it nearly cracked the top 10 in U.K. and reached #94 in U.S. where the title-track crawled up to #37 on The Modern Rock chart.

After taking a break, Ferry released "As Time Goes By" on October 25, 1999. An album of well-liked songs and Jazz standards, the disc debuted within the U.K. top 20 but scraped the bottom of The Billboard 200, even though "As Time Goes By" won Ferry a Grammy nomination.

Two years later he teamed up with Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay and Paul Thompson to recreate Roxy Music. They went on tour for a couple of years, but released no new albums.
In 2002, Ferry returned to his studio for his next solo album, "Frantic", a mix of Ferry's originals and covers. The CD rose to #6 in Britain.

In 2005 Ferry went on to have a significant part, that of Mr. Silky String, in the Neil Jordan-directed film "Breakfast On Pluto" which starred Cillian Murphy.
He returned to music in 2007 by releasing "Dylanesque" on March 5. An album of Bob Dylan songs, it has made the top 10 in the U.K. and weighed in at #117 on the American Billboard Top 200 chart.

Bryan Ferry returns with "Olympia", his latest studio album, on October 26, 2010. Recorded in London, the album features David Gilmour, Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, Nile Rogers, Primal Scream bassist Mani and Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The first single is entitled "You Can Dance".


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