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Built To Spill

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Built To Spill

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Built To Spill Biography

The Alternative-Rock act Built To Spill began life as an experimental band from singer+guitarist Doug Martsch in 1992, in Boise, Idaho USA; his intention was to sustain a project that would involve a rotating cast of musicians to record albums and tour. The first incarnation of the band included Martsch, guitarist+bassist Brett Netson and drummer Ralf Youtz.

Recording in the middle of the night in order to get free studio time, they assembled their debut album, "Ultimate Alternative Wavers", which came out on C/Z Records in 1993.
Just a year later Built To Spill released another indie album, "There's Nothing Wrong With Love", this time with bassist Brett Nelson and drummer Andy Capps and played Lollapalooza becoming one of the most adored press bands in recent memory.
For a few years and a few records group members came and went; in 1996, while recording the album "Perfect From Now On", the band's Warner Bros. Records debut, Martsch found a rhythm section he could not relinquish: bass player Brett Nelson and a new drummer, Scott Plouf; this album made a brief appearance on the Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart upon its January 1997 release.
Two years later, the Idaho-based band returned with their fourth full-length CD of original material, "Keep It Like A Secret" and for the first time, they surfaced on The Billboard 200 Sales chart; shortly after Jim Roth joined the band as live co-guitarist and in the spring of 2000 Built To Spill released a live album simply entitled "Live".
The band delivered its fifth studio record, "Ancient Melodies Of The Future", in July 2001 reaching the #94 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

Martsch, Nelson and Plouf resurfaced in April 2006 with "You In Reverse", Built To Spill's first studio album in five years; they've added something new to their line-up, the band liked touring guitarist Jim Roth enough to permanently add him to the group, longtime guest guitarist Brett Netson also came on board for the record and Sam Coomes adds a dash of organ magic to the group's guitar soup.


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