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The Bumblebeez

The Bumblebeez bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

The Bumblebeez

The Bumblebeez photo 2004

The Bumblebeez Biography

Noise-Pop Alternative-Rock outfit hails from Braidwood, a town with a population of 1.000 in New South Wales AUSTRALIA, founded by vocalist+multi instrumentalist Chris Colonna who relocated in New York for one year attending on an art school and working on mix production for Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
When Colonna returned in his homeland started The Bumblebeez with his friends guitarist+bassist Surya and Hip-Hopper Pia, aka Queen ViLa; they released an EP titled "White Printz".
The Bumblebeez debuted in the Satates as Bumblebeez 81 with the single "Pony Ride" released in advance of their first full-length album "The Printz".


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The Bumblebeez pictures:

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The Printz (2004)

The Printz
1. Ouno
2. Step Back
3. I Come With Water
4. Let's Go
5. Micophone Diseases
6. Get Dressed
7. Pony Ride
8. Bambino
9. Brooklyn
10. Vila Attack
11. Vampires
12. Rappa
13. Pink Fairy Floss
14. Come Ova
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