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Burden Brothers

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Burden Brothers

Burden Brothers photo 2006

Burden Brothers Biography

This Dallas, Texas USA-based Alternative-Metal combo was formed in early 2002, after the implosion of Toadies in which vocalists+guitarist Vaden Todd Lewis has played since the late '80s, he and his long-time friend, drummer Taz Bentley, started out recording a couple of EPs; the two played for a while doing some local gigs before hooking up with guitarist Corey 'Rizzo' Rozzoni and ex-GWAR bassist Casey Orr.

In 2003 they released another 4-track EP which was sent to Dallas and Tulsa radio stations; completed the line-up with the recruitment of guitarist Casey Hess, the group issued its debut full-length album, "Buried In Your Black Heart", that fall, it included the Mainstream Rock top 30 hit "Beautiful Night".

Burden Brother's sophmore release "Mercy", was released in October 2006; the CD includes the Hot Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "Everybody Is Easy", it is also the first album to feature a new bass player: Zack Busby.


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Burden Brothers pictures:

  • Burden Brothers band 2005 Burden Brothers band 2005
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Buried In Your Black Heart (2003)

Buried In Your Black Heart
1. Buried In Your Black Heart
2. Shadow
3. Beautiful Night
4. Come On Down
5. You're So God Damn Beautiful
6. If You're Going To Heaven
7. Do For Me
8. Walk Away
9. Your Fault
10. Conditional
11. Let It Go

Mercy (2006)

1. It's Time
2. Shine
3. Still
4. Everybody Is Easy
5. She's Not Home
6. Life Between
7. Trick Of Logic
8. Good Night From Chicago
9. I Am A Cancer
10. Daughter Of Science
11. Mercy
12. In My Sky
13. On Our Own
14. Oh, Cecilia
15. Liberated
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