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Burn Halo

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Burn Halo

Burn Halo photo 2011

Burn Halo Biography

Burn Halo is the new Alternative-Metal musical project of James Hart, who spent nearly a decade recording and touring as the frontman of Orange County band Eighteen Visions. After their breakup in early 2007, Hart quickly redirected his creative energy and honed his talent into a singular vision that fully represents his individual skill and ideas. Between May and November of 2007, he made weeklong treks to Tulsa, Oklahoma USA, to write and record what would become Burn Halo's self-titled debut, laying down the tracks with an army of skilled studio musicians, including Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair, former Jane's Addiction bassist Chris Chaney and guitarist Neil Tiemann who toured with American Idol winner David Cook.
After the album was completed, in early 2008, Island elected not to release Burn Halo's debut, leaving Hart with the tough job of finding a new home for his project.
He spent much of 2008 finalizing the line-up of his touring band with Joey 'Roxx' Cunha on lead guitar, Allen Wheeler on rhythm guitar, Aaron Baylor on bass and Ryan Folden on drums.

The band's first album was finally released in March 2009 via Rawkhead Rekords; it debuted at #13 on the Top Independent chart and at #129 on The Billboard 200. The first single, "Dirty Little Girl", which features Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates, catapulted into the top 20 of the Active Rock chart and was followed by the minor Rock radio hit "Save Me".

Hart then revamped his band, which now featured Roxx, Baylor, new rhythm guitarist Brandon Lynn and new drummer Dillon Ray. In June 2011 Burn Halo unleashed its sophomore record, "Up From The Ashes"; the disc included the Mainstream Rock top 40 hit single "Tear It Down".


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Burn Halo pictures:

  • Burn Halo frontman James Hart Burn Halo frontman James Har
    frontman James Hart (2008)
  • Burn Halo band lineup 2009 Burn Halo band lineup 2009
    The band line-up 2009

Burn Halo (2009)

Burn Halo self-titled album
1. Dirty Little Girl
2. Save Me
3. Here With Me
4. Too Late To Tell You Now
5. So Addicted
6. Dead End Roads And Lost Highways
7. Saloon Song
8. Our House
9. Fallin' Faster
10. Anejo
11. Back To The Start
12. Gasoline

Up From The Ashes (2011)

Up From The Ashes
1. Tear It Down
2. Up From The Ashes
3. Stranded
4. Threw It All Away
5. Alone
6. Stuck In A Rut
7. Give Me A Sign
8. Dakota
9. Rest My Soul
10. I Won't Back Down
11. Shine
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