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Burning Brides

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Burning Brides

Burning Brides photo 2007

Burning Brides Biography

Originally formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, Burning Brides was founded by guitarist+vocalist Dimitri Coats in 1999; he and his girlfriend, bassist Melanie Campbell, were latecomers to Rock. Both were pursuing other art forms at New York's Julliard School, he was studying acting and she was a gifted student of dance. They didn't meet until after graduation, but they quickly became a couple.

The duo relocated to Philadelphia, hooked up with drummer Mike Ambs and recorded their first album, 2001's "Fall Of The Plastic Empire". Pretty soon Burning Brides were a buzz band themselves; in the summer of the next year, they signed to V2 Records, who immediately re-issued their debut full-length disc and put the Alternative-Rock trio back out on the road with the likes of The White Stripes, which helped them expand and consolidate the dedicated fan base they'd garnered as an indie band; the single "Arctic Snow" slowly climbed The Modern Rock chart reaching the #31 slot in 2003.
With new drummer Jason Kourkounis joining the herd, in June 2004, V2 released Burning Brides' second album, "Leave No Ashes" which yielded the Billboard's Modern and Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "Heart Full Of Black", it earned itself an appearance on the first Guitar Hero video game.
But in those years of major label downsizing, Burning Brides languished in promotional limbo, instead, Dimitri and Melanie healed their wounded relationship. They moved out to Los Angeles, got married and found a new drummer, Pete Beeman.

Burning Brides decided to self-release its third album, "Hang Love", on the independent Modart imprint via a distribution deal with Caroline/EMI; the CD is expected to be available by mid-June and includes the new single "Waring Street".


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Burning Brides pictures:

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Fall Of The Plastic Empire (2001)

Fall Of The Plastic Empire
1. Plank Of Fire
2. Glass Slipper
3. If I'm A Man
4. Arctic Snow
5. At The Levity Ball
6. Stabbed In The Back Of The Heart
7. Rainy Days
8. Elevator
9. Blood On The Highway
10. Plastic Empire

Leave No Ashes (2004)

Leave No Ashes
1. Heart Full Of Black
2. Come Alive
3. Alternative Teenage Suicide
4. King Of The Demimonde
5. Century Song
6. Dance With The Devil
7. Leave No Ashes
8. To Kill A Swan
9. Pleasure In The Pain
10. From You
11. Last Man Standing
12. Vampire Waltz

Hang Love (2007)

Hang Love
1. Ring Around The Rosary
2. San Diego
3. She Comes To Me
4. Waring Street
5. Your Nation Will Die
6. Unglued
7. Poor House
8. Feel No Shame
9. Hang Love
10. And I'm Free
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