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Caesars band

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Caesars Biography

This Alternative-Rock band was formed in 1995 by lead singer César Vidal in his native SWEDEN; he recruited Jocke Ahlund on guitar, David Lindquist on bass and Nino Kellar on drums.
The quartet, known as Caesars Palace in their homeland, recorded a 3-track EP, "Shake It", followed by 1998's debut album, "Youth Is Wasted On The Young". The next two albums, 2000's "Cherry Kicks" and 2002's "Love For The Streets", stormed the Swedish charts and achieved the gold status.
In April 2003 the band issued "39 Minutes Of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World)", expanded their audience to the rest of Europe and embarked on a 20-date American tour to support it; "Jerk It Out" was chosen as the first single.


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39 Minutes Of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World) (2003)

39 Minutes Of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World)
1. Sort It Out
2. I'm Gonna Kick You Out
3. Let's Go Parking Baby
4. Jerk It Out
5. Out Of My Hands
6. Only You
7. Since You've Been Gone
8. Crackin' Up
9. You're My Favourite
10. Fun And Games
11. Suzy Creamcheese
12. You Don't Mean A Thing To Me

Paper Tigers (2003)

Paper Tigers
1. Spirit
2. It's Not That Fall That Hurts
3. Out There
4. Jerk It Out
5. May The Rain
6. My Heart Is Breaking Down
7. Paper Tigers
8. Your Time Is Near
9. Throwaway
10. Winter Song
11. We Got To Leave
12. Soul Chaser
13. Good And Gone
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