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Call Me No One

Call Me No One bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Call Me No One

Call Me No One photo
Clint Lowery (L) - Morgan Rose (R)

Call Me No One Biography

The Alternative-Metal outfit Call Me No One is the side-project launched by guitarist + vocalist Clint Lowery, formerly of Sevendust and Dark New Day and drummer Morgan Rose, also from Sevendust.

Call Me No One recorded at Architekt Studios in Butler, New Jersey USA, the band's debut album, "Last Parade". The 10-song set arrived in June 2012 and included their first single, "Biggest Fan".


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Call Me No One pictures:

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Last Parade (2012)

Last Parade
1. intro
2. The World Is Dead
3. Thunderbird
4. Soapbox
5. Hillbilly
6. All's Well
7. Biggest Fan
8. Pleased To Meet You
9. Broken Record
10. You Surprise Me
11. War Song
12. Last Parade
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