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Calla band

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Calla Biography

New York City-based Alternative-Rock trio Calla began with vocalist+guitarist Aurelio Valle, bassist+keyboard player Sean Donovan and drummer Wayne B. Magruder. Calla formed in 1997 after the dissolution of the Texan band The Factory Press.

A four-track demo was completed in 1998, generating interest from the Brussels label Sub Rosa, which released the band's first album to critical acclaim in 1999. Calla's self-titled debut, recorded in 1998 at home, prised apart traditional song structures and reconfigured the components into subtly apocalyptic, cinematic pieces, at times evoking electronically processed Ennio Morricone soundscapes.
The band's unique sound and magnetic live performances attracted the interest of Young God Records who issued their next album, "Scavengers", in January 2001.
"Televise", Calla's third album of strange, noise-infected indie Pop-Rock, followed two years later.
Calla entered the studio in late Summer 2004 with members Aurelio Valle, Wayne B. Magruder and new guitar player Peter Gannon to cut their fourth LP, "Collisions"; the album appeared on Beggars Banquet label in September 2005.

February 2007 saw the New York trio unleash "Strength In Numbers"; the set includes the alt-Rock radio single "Sanctify".


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