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Camper Van Beethoven

Camper Van Beethoven bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Camper Van Beethoven

Camper Van Beethoven photo 2004

Camper Van Beethoven Biography

Alternative-Rock band formed in 1983 in Redlands, California USA and founded by singer+songwriter David Lowery who relocated in Santa Cruz where teamed-up with guitarist+keyboardist Chris Molla, bassist Victor Krummenacher, violinist Jonathan Segel and drummer Anthony Guess.

The band's debut album, "Telephone Free Landslide Victory", appeared in June 1985 and quickly rose to prominence in the college radio circuit thanks to the single cut "Take The Skinheads Bowling".
In early 1986, after Guess quit, Greg Lisher joined as the new lead guitarist and Molla stepped behind the drum kit, the group released "II & III"; that same year drummer Chris Pedersen joined in time for the release of the third album and finally Chris Molla left.
Two years later, the band were signed by Virgin Records America who released "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart", their first Billboard Top 200 charting effort.
Shortly before the group began recording their next album, Segel was fired and was replaced by violinist Morgan Fichter, "Key Lime Pie" also entered The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart reaching the #141, the record included the cover of Status Quo's "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" which hit #1 on Modern Rock Tracks chart but during the subsequent tour the group disbanded.

Lowery went on to form Cracker and the other four members continued to collaborate on numerous projects.
David Lowery resurrected Camper Van Beethoven in late 1999, he reunited with Krummenacher and Segel to promote the rarities set, "Camper Van Beethoven Is Dead, Long Live Camper Van Beethoven".
In mid-2002 they decided to record Fleetwood Mac's 1979, twenty-song implosion document "Tusk"; almost exactly two years later the group resurfaced with the album of new material entitled "New Roman Times", it includes the single "51-7".


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