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Carolina Liar

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Carolina Liar band

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Carolina Liar Biography

The man behind this Alternative-Rock band is singer + guitarist Chad Wolfe. Born in Charleston, South Carolina USA, Wolfe eventually made his way to Los Angeles in an attempt to launch a career in music but he honed his songwriting in Stockholm. It was there that he pulled together guitarists Rickard Göransson and Jim Almgren Gandara, keyboardist Johan Carlsson, bassist Erik Hääger and drummer Max Grahn to form Carolina Liar.

The band's debut album, "Coming To Terms", was released in May 2008 on Atlantic Records, reaching #140 on The Billboard 200. The disc was prefaced by the propulsive single "I'm Not Over" which made a stunning debut at #3 on The Hot Modern Rock chart; the follow-up single, "Show Me What I'm Looking For", not only enjoyed multi-format radio success in U.S. but broke into The Billboard Hot 100 and hit the U.K. Top 40 sales charts.
By 2009 three of the band members left the group, Almgren Gandara, Hääger and Grahn, leaving the remaining trio without the rhythm section.

After the addition of Peter Carlsson on drums and percussion, Carolina Liar set out to record its sophomore album, "WIld Blessed Freedom", which arrived in September 2011. It includes the single "Drown".



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  • Carolina Liar band lineup 2008 Carolina Liar band lineup 2008
    The band line-up 2008

Coming To Terms (2008)

Coming To Terms
1. I'm Not Over
2. Coming To Terms
3. Last Night
4. Show Me What I'm Looking For
5. Simple Life
6. All That Shit Is Gone
7. California Bound
8. Done Stealin'
9. Something To Die For
10. Beautiful World
11. Better Alone
12. When You Are Near

Wild Blessed Freedom (2012)

Wild Blessed Freedom
1. Miss America
2. No More Secrets
3. Drown
4. Me And You
5. Beautiful People
6. King Of Broken Hearts
7. I Don't Think So
8. Daddy's Little Girl
9. Feel Better Now
10. Never Let You Down
11. Salvation
12. All That Comes Out Of My Mouth
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