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Cavalera Conspiracy

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Cavalera Conspiracy

Cavalera Conspiracy photo 2011

Cavalera Conspiracy Biography

The Death-Metal Thrash-Metal combo Cavalera Conspiracy marked the reunion of Max and Iggor Cavalera, the Brazilian brothers and visionaries that formed the groundbreaking hardcore Metal band Sepultura in the early '80s. After twelve years apart, during which time Max Cavalera fronted Soulfly, the brothers recruited French guitarist Joe Duplantier to play bass; guitarist Marc Rizzo, who plays guitar in Max's main band Soulfly, was enlisted to play guitar; Max took on the vocal + rhythm guitar role and Iggor took on the drumming duties.
In the sunner of 2007 the quartet entered the Undercity Studios in Los Angeles, California USA, with Logan Mader, former Machine Head guitarist and Lucas Banker of the Dirty Icon production team to cut what would become the Cavalera Conspiracy's debut disc.

The album, titled "Inflikted", came out in March 2008 on Roadrunner Records, going straight into the upper half of The Billboard 200; "Sanctuary" was designated to be the lead single. The band supported the release by playing shows and festivals in North America and even Europe; Duplantier left the crew during this time frame and was replaced by bass player Johny Chow.

Aside from this project, Max Cavalera continued to record with Soulfly releasing "Conquer" in mid-2008 and "Omen" two years later.

"Blunt Force Trauma", the forthcoming album from Cavalera Conspiracy is set to hit stores on March 29, 2011. The disc features 11 brand new songs including the single/video "Killing Inside".


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Cavalera Conspiracy pictures:

  • Cavalera Conspiracy Iggor and Max 2007 Cavalera Conspiracy Iggor and Max 2007
    Iggor & Max Cavalera (2007)
  • Cavalera Conspiracy band 2007 Cavalera Conspiracy band 2007
    Cavalera Conspiracy "Inflikted" line-up: LtoR> Marc Rizzo, Joe Duplantier, Max Cavalera & Iggor Cavalera

Inflikted (2008)

1. Inflikted
2. Sanctuary
3. Terrorize
4. Black Ark
5. Ultra-Violent
6. Hex
7. The Doom Of All Fires
8. Bloodbrawl
9. Nevertrust
10. Hearts Of Darkness
11. Must Kill

Blunt Force Trauma (2011)

 Blunt Force Trauma
1. Warlord
2. Torture
3. Lynch Mob
4. Killing Inside
5. Thrasher
6. I Speak Hate
7. Target
8. Genghis Khan
9. Burn Waco
10. Rasputin
11. Blunt Force Trauma
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