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Cavo band

Cavo photo 2011
from left: Brian Smith, Chad La Roy, Casey Walker and Chris Hobbs

Cavo Biography

The original nucleus of the Alternative-Rock outfit Cavo formed in St. Louis, Missouri USA, when frontman Casey Walker hooked up with guitarist Chris Hobbs, bass player Ryan Kemp and drummer Chad La Roy, in March 2001.

Since then the band has endured numerous production setbacks, a former member's alcohol addiction and the end of another member's marriage, all of which is chronicled on Cavo's aptly titled independent album, "The Painful Art Of Letting Go", which they self-released in 2006. That same year new bass player Brian Smith came on board and in July 2007, the members of Cavo had an epiphany. They were opening for Staind and decided to use their moment in front of the large crowd to play some of their new material live for the very first time.
Record producer David Bendeth, who has worked with Breaking Benjamin, Paramore and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, among others, caught Cavo at their showcase in New York City and told the band he wanted to help them make a new album.

The band eventually signed on the dotted line with Reprise Records and in the spring 2009 the propulsive first single "Champagne" smashed into The Hot Mainstream Rock chart at #1; this was the first taste off of the St. Louis quartet's sophore album "Bright Nights Dark Days" which reached the #47 position on The Billboard 200. Several more singles followed, including the Active Rock top 10 smash "Crash", the Adult Contemporary top 30 entrant "Let It Go" as well as the minor Rock radio hits "My Little Secret" and "Blame".

In March 2012 Cavo returned with their highly anticipated third offering, "Thick As Thieves", which debuted at #96 on The Billboard 200 and who's title-track hit the top 20 of the Active Rock chart.


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Cavo pictures:

  • Cavo band 2009 Cavo band 2009
    band photo 2009, [L-R]: Chris Hobbs, Brian Smith, Casey Walker and Chad La Roy

The Painful Art Of Letting Go (2006)

The Painful Art Of Letting Go
1. Waiting For Silence
2. Gone
3. Painful Art
4. Into The Night
5. Disappear
6. Awake
7. Grounded
8. Turn Around
9. Edward
10. Hard To Believe
11. In A Moment
12. Nameless

Bright Nights Dark Days (2009)

Bright Nights Dark Days
1. Champagne
2. Crash
3. Let It Go
4. Cry Wolf
5. Ghost
6. Blame
7. My Little Secret
8. Beautiful
9. We All Fall Down
10. Over Again
11. Useless

Thick As Thieves (2012)

Thick As Thieves
1. Thick As Thieves
2. Give It Away
3. Hold Your Ground
4. California
5. Circles
6. Celebrity
7. Never Gonna Hurt
8. War Within
9. Last Day
10. Run
11. Southern Smile
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