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The Chemical Brothers

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The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers photo 2004

The Chemical Brothers Biography

The Chemical Brothers was formed in 1989 in Manchester, ENGLAND where the DJs Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons first met while at University together, the guys grew up playing any kind of trendy music-style initially in their native Britain and then in Ibiza.

They created their first record as The Dust Brothers in the first half of the '90s working with major acts such as Manic Street Preachers and The Prodigy.
In the spring of 1995 they embarked on their first international tour, around the same time the U.S. Hip-Hop band, The Dust Brothers, threaten legal action over use of their name, Rowlands and Simons was finally forced to change their name to The Chemical Brothers. Later, that year, was released their debut full-length disc, "Exit Planet Dust", which rose to #9 on the National U.K. Albums chart and included the top 20 hit single, "Leave Home".
During 1996 the duo assembled a collection of live alt-dance-style performances called "Live At The Social, Vol. 1", the set contained the studio-single "Setting Sun" which featured lead vocals by Oasis' Noel Gallagher, the track climbed to the #1 spot on The Official U.K. chart and broke The Billboard Hot 100 Stateside.
The Chemical Brothers' second studio-effort, "Dig Your Own Hole", arrived in the spring of 1997 going straight to #1 in the British chart and hitting #14 on The Billboard Top 200 chart; it included another U.K. #1 single cut, "Block Rockin' Beats", the track also entered the top 40 of The Modern Rock chart and won a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance; over the course of the year, Rowlands and Simons, was constantly asked to remix tracks for other artists; "Elektro Bank" was released off the album in autumn and reached the #17 in the British Singles chart; "Dig Your Own Hole" eventually went on to sell over 2 million units worldwide.
A follow-up album was issued almost exactly one year later, "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" was their second mix-album, it contains some of their own tracks and remixes, as well as songs from other dance-acts.
The duo re-emerged with a new single in early 1999, despite the change in musical direction, more house influenced, "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" shot to #1 in Britain and hit #3 in Canada; it was followed in June by their third album "Surrender"; enhanced by the guest appearances of Noel Gallagher and New Order's Bernard Summer, the record stormed the charts all over the globe reaching #1 in Britain, #8 in Canada and #32 on The Billboard Top 200; the second single track, "Out Of Control", was released in November and was followed by the Modern Rock top 30 hit, "Let Forever Be".
The Chemical Brothers returned to action in early 2001 working on a new album; it was prefaced by the single "It Began In Afrika" which hit #7 on the Official U.K. chart and crashed into the top 3 on the Canadian Singles chart; in October they finally finished the full-length CD, "Come With Us", which featured collaborations with top artists such as Richard Ashcroft formerly of The Verve; upon its release, the album shot to #1 in England, rose to #10 on The Top Canadian Albums chart and reached the #32 slot in U.S. Top 200 chart; the second single off their fourth effort, "Star Guitar" dominated the top of the European charts and hit #3 on The National Canadian chart.
In September 2003 the duo delivered another compilation, the 10-year anniversary disc titled "Singles 93-03" from which was taken the single "The Golden Path" recorded with The Flaming Lips, two months later also "Get Yourself High" was released as single.

The Chemical Brothers fifth studio album, "Push The Button", released in January 2005, includes the first single "Galvanize".


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