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Chevelle photo 2011

Chevelle Biography

This Alternative-Rock trio, based in Chicago, Illinois USA, was formed in 1995, by Loeffler brothers: vocalist + guitarist Pete, bass player Joe and drummer Sam; they started out as a duo and began playing in local clubs and bars, but have expanded their ranks to include youngest brother, Joe, when he was just fourteen.

In 1999, Chevelle released its debut full-length album, "Point #1", for the independent Squint Entertainment label. The title-track became the band's first Mainstream Rock top 40 hit.

In August of 2002, they signed a recording contract with Epic Records who released their vitriolic sophomore album, "Wonder What's Next"; the record crashed into the top 20 of The Billboard Top 200 chart and its first single, "The Red", hit the top 5 on both the Mainstream and Modern Rock charts, the second single, "Send The Pain Below", peaked at #1 spots on the same charts; another Modern and Active Rock top 20 hit, "Closure", helped boost album sales to platinum status.

The Loeffler brothers returned in September 2004 with, "This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In)", which rose to #8 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums list; the first single off the CD, "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)", hit #1 and #3 on Billboard's Mainstream and Modern Rock charts, respectively; it was followed by another Active and alt-Rock radio top 10 smash, "The Clincher" and the Active Rock top 30 hit " Panic Prone".

Despite the Chicago rockers undergoing its first line-up change since the mid-'90s, trading out bassist brother Joe Loeffler for brother-in-law Dean Bernardini, not much else has been drastically altered in camp Chevelle. The loud-soft dynamic and angst-fueled vocals that have always been the group's trademark, arrive in full force on their fourth album "Vena Sera", it debuted at #12 on The Billboard 200 upon its April 2007 release and included three powerful Rock radio hits; the first single, "Well Enough Alone" peaked at #4 and #9 on The Hot Mainstream Rock and The Hot Modern Rock Tracks, respectively; "I Get It" grabbed a #5 and #4 spots on the same charts and the final single, "The Fad", reached the #13 position on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart.

Chevelle's next outing, "Sci-Fi Crimes", arrived in August 2009 and quickly catapulted into the top 10 of The Billboard 200 list; first single, "Jars", went to #3 at Active Rock and #5 at Alternative Songs charts. It was followed by "Letter From A Thief", the most personal tale on the album written about an incident when the band's equipment was stolen during a tour stop, which equaled the chart positions of its immediate predecessor; the final single, "Shameful Metaphors", stopped just short of the Alternative Songs top 20 at #22.

Now a staple in the Rock scene with eight top 5 Active Rock smashes under their belt, in the fall of 2011 the Chicago-based trio returned atop The Mainstream Rock airplay chart with "Face To The Floor", the first single and album opener off their sixth album, "Hats Off To The Bull", which was released in December and crawled up to #20 on The Billboard 200. The title-track also hit #1 on the Active Rock chart and was followed by another Rock radio top 20 hit: "Same Old Trip".

In December 2012 Chevelle put out its first greatest hits compilation, "Stray Arrows A Collection Of Favorites", which contained eleven top 10 alt-Rock hits plus a brand new song: "Fizgig".

Latest News:

Chevelle are back with "Take Out The Gunman", the first single from "La Gárgola", their new studio album due out April 1, 2014.


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Chevelle pictures:

  • Chevelle band lineup 2002 Chevelle band lineup 2002
    The band line-up in 2002, LtoR: Joe Loeffler, Pete Loeffler and Sam Loeffler
  • Chevelle band 2006 Chevelle band 2006
    Chevelle 2006