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Chris Volz

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Chris Volz

Chris Volz photo 2007

Chris Volz Biography

Chris Volz, who is based in Louisville, Kentucky USA, began his Rock career in the Alternative-Metal band Flaw, which was signed to Republic/Universal Records. As part of Flaw, he released two albums that sold almost half a million copies, before being unceremoniously dropped in late 2004. Picking up the pieces with former Flaw drummer Ivan Arnold, Volz continued to Rock with Five.Bolt.Main, which came together in 2005 and released a studio album, "Venting" and a live record on New York-based Rock Ridge Music before calling it quits in early 2007.

In September 2007 Chris Volz released his first solo outing, "Redemption". In a sort of band flashback, between the time spent recording "Redemption" and its release, Volz's first band has gotten back together, and he's been on the road with them throughout the Midwest in spring and summer of 2007.


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Chris Volz pictures:

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    Chris Volz in 2001

Redemption (2007)

1. Redemption
2. Altercation
3. All My Life
4. Wrong
5. Your Own Medicine
6. Once Again
7. Sometimes
8. Secure
9. Dear Life
10. Stories Of Old
11. Don't Save Me
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