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Chronic Future

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Chronic Future band

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Chronic Future Biography

This Funk-Metal Alternative-Rock outfit from Phoenix, Arizona USA, was formed in the mid-'90s when four friends attending an alternative arts high school, decided to start a band; the line-up consisted of three lead vocalists: frontman rapper Mike Busse, guitarist Ben Collins and bassist+turntablist Brandon Lee; with Ben's brother, drummer Barry Collins, the roster was complete.

The group's first independent release, "Chronic", was finished in 1996, a year later the record was re-released on Tommy Boy and was supported by the clip of "Insomniac".
The band returned in the summer of 2000 with their second album, "4 Elements", which was supported with several tours, but once again the record failed to chart.
Another three and a half years passed before Chronic Future began working on their Interscope Records debut, "Lines In My Face", it climbed into the top 20 of the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and included the Modern Rock top 40 hit single, "Time And Time Again".


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Chronic (1997)

1. Insomniac
2. Surreal
3. Power
4. Scottsdale
5. Mile to Go Before We Sleep
6. Buster Brown
7. Dare
8. Star Spangled Lie
9. Girlie Song
10. Obstruction
11. McGoo
12. Drunk Babysitter
13. Ode to the Pigs
14. Newt

4 Elements (2000)

4 Elements
1. Jump to Jive
2. ? Up
3. Majik
4. 4 Elements
5. Come Correct
6. Run for Shelter
7. Feel It Everyday
8. Live Again
9. Impossible to Win
10. Ways to Sell You Out
11. Great Wall
12. Soul Anthem
13. Time and Space
14. Watchagonnado Mike?

Lines In My Face (2004)

Lines In My Face
1. Time and Time Again
2. World Keeps Spinning (A Chronic Future)
3. Shellshocked
4. Stop Pretending
5. New York, NY
6. Thank You
7. Memories in F Minor
8. Wicked Games
9. Static on the Radio
10. Eyes Wide Open
11. Apology for Non-Symmetry
12. Say Goodbye
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