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Churchill band

Churchill band photo 2012

Churchill Biography

With their distinct acoustic Folk-Rock atmosphere Churchill began in 2009 with two friends, guitarist + singer & songwriter Tim Bruns and mandolin player Mike Morter, who decided join forces and start a new band in Denver, Colorado USA. While the two musicians came from a Country-Bluegrass background, the addition of the bass and drum powerhouse of Tyler Rima and Joe Richmond brought more of a Rock vibe into the mix. Rounding out the line-up was keyboardist + vocalist Bethany Kelly, who comes from a classical background. The process took only a few weeks and the chemistry was apparent, resulting in a dynamic fusion of styles into a sound that made them immediately recognizable.

After selling more than 1,000 copies of their debut self-titled EP, the quintet issued their first full-length disc, "Happy Sad", in February 2011.

In the spring of the following year Churchill put out a new EP, a 5-song set titled "The Change" which includes the Alernative Rock top 40 hit "Change".


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Happy Sad (2011)

Happy Sad
1. In My Hands
2. Miles
3. Burn It Down
4. Loud
5. Stubborn Love
6. Think It Over
7. We Used To Be Happy
8. Thank God
9. The President
10. The Only One
11. Happy Sad

The Change [EP] (2012)

The Change - EP
1. Change
2. I Am Yours
3. Made A List
4. Ark In A Flood
5. Sing Out Your Love
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