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Cinder band

Cinder band photo - early years

Cinder Biography

Alternatve-Rock act Ft. Myers, Florida USA-based founded by vocalist Roger Young in the late '90s, he hoocked-up with guitarist Kenny Craig, bassist Patrick Mcguire and drummer Brian Colbert.
In 2001 the band was signed to Geffen Records who relesed one year later the single "Soul Creation" which entered the top 30 of The Mainstream Rock chart. After two month tour with Creed and another two months with Sevendust, in February of 2003 Cinder issued their debut full-length disc "Break Your Silence", the record was co-produced by ex-Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland who also sang and wrote some lyrics.


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Cinder pictures:

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Break Your Silence (2003)

Break Your Silence
1. Soul Creation
2. Crutch
3. Lush
4. Tomorrow
5. Ugly
6. Break Your Silence
7. She Said
8. Consuela
9. Whistlin Pete
10. Please God
11. Daddy

House Full Of No Trust (2006)

House Full Of No Trust
1. The Ride
2. The Fall
3. Mirror
4. Electrified
5. Seven
6. Pet
7. House Full Of No Trust
8. Granted
9. Sunday Morning
10. Brother
11. The Man
12. Stupid
13. Sycophant
14. Something
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