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Cinder Road

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Cinder Road band

Cinder Road photo 2007

Cinder Road Biography

Playing their radio friendly collection of songs equally matched by their charismatic chemistry, Cinder Road merges old school Rock sensibility with a modern Pop-Metal approach. Neighbors singer+guitarist Mike Ruocco and guitarist Chris Shucosky formed the band as kids, in 2005 in their hometown of Lutherville, Maryland USA, taking the name of their own street as soon as they learned how to play. The group, which also included guitarist Pat Patrick, bassist Nat Doegen and drummer Mac Calveresi, soon began touring as a cover band in high school.

Soon the seasoning at such a young age paid off, when the band caught the attention of Union Entertainment Group, the management team behind multi-platinum selling Canadian band Nickleback.
Cinder Road then found themselves in the studio to cut their debut album "Superhuman" which was released in June 2007, the CD includes the Hot Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "Get in Get Out".


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Superhuman (2007)

1. I'm So Sorry
2. Bad Excuse
3. Back Home To You
4. Should've Known Better
5. Get In Get Out
6. Learning To Love
7. Feels So Good To Me
8. Superhuman
9. One
10. Drift Away
11. Don't Be Scared
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