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The Cinematics

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The Cinematics band

The Cinematics photo 2006

The Cinematics Biography

The Glasgow, SCOTLAND, four-piece Alternative-Rock combo The Cinematics are an intriguing gang of young boys with influences ranging from The Cure, The Smashing Pumpkins to Talking Heads and The Smiths. The band, which consists of lead singer+guitarist Scott Rinning, guitarist Ramsay Miller, bass player Adam Goemans and drummer Ross Bonney, got together in 2003.

The group signed to New York label TVT records in 2005 and have since released their debut single "Chase". After several high profile U.K. gigs alongside Snow Patrol, Belle And Sebastien and KT Tunstall, in the spring of 2006 The Cinematics put out a second single, "Break".
Their debut album, "A Strange Education", was released in in February 2007.

A second full-length disc entitled "Love And Terror" follewed in September 2009.


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A Strange Education (2007)

A Strange Education
1. Race To The City
2. Break
3. A Strange Education
4. Human
5. Chase
6. Rise And Fall
7. Sunday Sun
8. Keep Forgetting
9. Ready Now
10. Maybe Someday
11. Alright
12. Asleep At The Wheel

Love And Terror (2009)

Love And Terror
1. All These Things
2. She Talks To The Trees
3. New Mexico
4. Scott Rinning
5. Love And Terror
6. Lips Taste Like Tears
7. Scott Rinning
8. Wish (When The Banks Collapse)
9. Hospital Bills
10. Moving To Berlin
11. You Can Dance
12. Hard For Young Lovers
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