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Citizen Cope

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Citizen Cope

Citizen Cope photo 2006

Citizen Cope Biography

Clarence Greenwood, better known as Citizen Cope, is a multi-talented sonic auteur that, in addition to providing lead vocals and production, plays a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard and drum machines; Greenwood was born in Memphis, Tennessee USA; relocating to Washington, D.C. for high school, in 1992 he became a member of the arty Hip-Hop crew Basehead.

Citizen Cope got its start in the second half of the '90s by recording an indie-disc and some compositions for a series of compilation albums and a couple of movie soundtracks; he caught the ear of Capitol Records, signed with them in 1997 and made an album, "Shotguns", which was never released.
Cope then moved to New York and was signed to DreamWorks who issued "Citizen Cope" in early 2002. About that time, a demo of a new Cope song, "Sideways", was passed to Carlos Santana, who was enchanted with it and asked Cope to produce and sing it for his multi-platinum "Shaman" album.
Booking time at New York City's famed Electric Lady Studios and Central East Studios in Washington, D.C. Cope assembled a crew of musicians to record the band's second album, the RCA debut "The Clarence Greenwood Recordings", an eclectic collection of modern-Rock, Blues and Hip-Hop tunes; the CD included the single "Bullet And A Target", although never embraced by mainstream commercial radio, in 2004, he was seemingly everywhere.

In September 2006 Citizen Cope released his next record, "Every Waking Moment"; by far his most personal recording yet, the album shows Cope continuing his deep exploration of the world that confronts all of us everday. The album, which included the radio-single "Back Together", reached the #69 position on The Billboard 200.

Nearly four years later, in July 2012, the artist scored his first top 40 album with "One Lovely Day".


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Citizen Cope pictures:

  • Citizen Cope 2004 Citizen Cope 2004
    Citizen Cope in 2004

Citizen Cope (2002)

Citizen Cope self-titled album
1. intro
2. Contact
3. If There's Love
4. Let The Drummer Kick
5. Mistaken I.D.
6. 200,000 (In Counterfeit 50 Dollar Bills)
7. Salvation
8. Hands Of The Saints
9. Comin' Back
10. Appetite (For Lightin' Dynamite)
11. Theresa prelude
12. Theresa
13. Holdin' On
14. Mandy

The Clarence Greenwood Recordings (2004)

The Clarence Greenwood Recordings
1. Nite Becomes Day
2. Pablo Picasso
3. My Way Home
4. Son's Gonna Rise
5. Sideways
6. Penitentiary
7. Hurricane Waters
8. D'Artagnan's Theme
9. Bullet And A Target
10. Fame
11. Deep

Every Waking Moment (2006)

Every Waking Moment
1. Back Together
2. Every Waking Moment
3. Friendly Fire
4. More Than It Seems
5. Brother Lee
6. 107°
7. Somehow
8. John Lennon
9. All Dressed Up
10. Awe
11. Left For Dead

One Lovely Day (2012)

One Lovely Day
1. One Lovely Day
2. Something To Believe In
3. Dancer From Brazil
4. Back Then
5. DFW
6. Peace River
7. For A Dollar
8. Southern Nights
9. A Wonder
10. Summertime
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