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City Sleeps

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City Sleeps band

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City Sleeps Biography

The Alternative-Rock band City Sleeps got its start in Atlanta, Georgia USA, in early 2004; the first connection was between guitarist Adriel Garcia and drummer John Whitney, who have been making music together since middle school; the induction of vocalist Elliott Marsh Sharp was the spark that set this foundation on fire. By the time they had signed with Maverick Records, meanwhile the band was adding its two final members: lead guitarist Steve Miloszewski and bass player Mars Davlan.

The Atlanta Rock quintet's debut album, "Not An Angel", was released in August 2007 on Trustkill Records, preceded by the single "Prototype".


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Not An Angel (2007)

Not An Angel
1. Hotel
2. Prototype
3. Just Another Day
4. Not An Angel
5. Walker's Ridge
6. Ordinary High
7. I Can't Make You Love Me
8. Andrea
9. Bones
10. Be A Man
11. Sleep With Me
12. Check Out
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