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Civil Twilight

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Civil Twilight

Civil Twilight photo 2011

Civil Twilight Biography

The three lifelong friends, Steven McKellar on bass + vocals, his brother Andrew McKellar on guitar and Richard Wouters on drums, who make up the Alternative-Rock band Civil Twilight, have been playing music together since they were teenagers growing up in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA.

After a few years spent practising in a teeny garage and playing around the local area, they decided to head over to the U.S. in an attempt to hit the big-time. In August 2005, they arrived in Los Angeles and performed several shows to a large number of quick-found fans. They began to attract industry attention and in October 2006, signed with the indie label One October; March 2007 saw the band in the studio, recording their very first album, "Human", which they had produced on their own.

After relocating to Nashville, Civil Twilight released its first full-length on Wind-up Records in July 2009; the self-titled record peaked at #16 on the Billboard's Top Heatseekers list, while the main single, "Letters From The Sky", hit #7 on The Alternative Songs and #25 on The Rock Songs charts; the CD also included the minor hit "Anybody Out There".

The trio's sophomore album, "Holy Weather", was released by Wind-up Records in March 2012. The 11-song set includes the Alternative Rock radio hit single "Fire Escape".


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Civil Twilight pictures:

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Civil Twilight (2009)

Civil Twilight self-titled album
1. Anybody Out There
2. Soldier
3. Next To Me
4. Letters From The Sky
5. On The Surface
6. Trouble
7. Human
8. Perfect Stranger
9. What You Want
10. Something She Said
11. Quiet In My Town

Holy Weather (2012

Holy Weather
1. River
2. Holy Weather
3. Fire Escape
4. Move / Stay
5. Every Walk That I've Ever Taken Has Been In Your Direction
6. Highway Of Fallen Kings
7. It's Over
8. Shape Of A Sound
9. Sweet Resistance
10. Please Don't Find Me
11. Doorway
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