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The Classic Crime

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The Classic Crime

The Classic Crime photo 2006

The Classic Crime Biography

This Alternative-Rock band got its start in high school, in Seattle, Washington USA; guitarist Justin Duque and drummer Paul Erickson became fast friends and before too long they found themselves playing in a band called Orizon with bass player Alan Clark and singer Matt MacDonald; by the time guitarist Robbie Negrin came onboard, the time felt right to change the name.

The Classic Crime has quietly built a name for itself in the Pacific Northwest before touring with Anberlin and Emery; their Tooth & Nail debut, "Albatross", came out in May 2006 reaching #16 on The Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, it includes the single "The Fight".


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Albatross (2006)

1. The Fight
2. Flight Of Kings
3. Who Needs Air
4. Blisters And Coffee
5. The Coldest Heart
6. All The Memories
7. Say The Word
8. I Know The Feeling
9. The Poet
10. The Bitter Uprising
11. We All Look Elsewhere
12. Headlights
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