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The Colour

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The Colour band

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The Colour Biography

The Orange County, California USA, Alternative-Rock band The Colour was founded in 2002, consisting of singer Wyatt Hull, guitarists Luke MacMaster and Davey Quon, bassist Derek VanHeule and drummer Nathan Warkentin.

In May 2006 the band released their debut disc, a strong 4-track set titled "Devil's Got A Holda Me"; billed as a prelude to their first full-length album, "Between Earth And Sky"; the EP contained the title-track which would crack the Hot Mainstream Rock Top 40 chart. The track was also featured on their debut album which came out in February 2007.


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Between Earth And Sky (2007)

Between Earth And Sky
1. Can't You Hear It Call
2. Devil's Got A Holda Me
3. Save Yourself
4. Silver Meadows
5. Our Children Were The Stars
6. Black Summer
7. Just A Taste
8. You're A Treasure
9. Kill The Lights
10. Salt The Earth
11. Bearded Lady
12. Dirge To Earth And Sky
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