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Convoy band

Convoy photo 2001

Convoy Biography

This Alternative-Rock quintet was formed in the late '90s in San Diego, California USA, lead singer+guitarist Jason Hill and lead guitarist+vocalist Brian Karscig were at the core of the band; Robbie Dodds on lap steel+guitar, Jeff Winfrey on bass and Mark Maigaard on drums completed the Convoy line-up.

The group made their debut with the self-produced album "Pineapple Recording Sessions", which was recorded between 1998 and 1999.
For the remainder of the century and the next complete calendar year, Convoy, toured U.S. clubs nonstop, as well as landing opening slots for international acts such as Aerosmith, Coldplay, The White Stripes and Better Than Ezra.
The five-piece outfit's major-label debut, "Black Licorice", was released in August 2001 on Hybrid/Atlantic Records and included some re-working of their indie-debut plus new tracks; both the singles, "Gone So Quick Tomorrow" and "Caught Up In You", received good airplay on Alternative and Triple-A radio stations but the album failed to chart.

Two years later Hill, Karscig and Maigaard started a new band called Louis XIV.


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Pineapple Recording Sessions (1999)

1. Weekends
2. Here's Lookin' At You
3. Late Night Feel
4. Dollhouse Queen
5. Gone So Quick Tomorrow
6. Is He In Your Heart Tonight
7. Loosen It Up
8. Sugarcane
9. Bah Bah Birdie
10. Hey Girl
11. All My Friends
12. Tiny Little Fingers
13. Ladyfinger
14. Been Out Walking

Black Licorice (2001)

Black Licorice
1. Gone So Quick Tomorrow
2. Here's Lookin' At You
3. Caught Up In You
4. Anytime She Wants It
5. Is He In Your Heart Tonight
6. Weekends
7. Alice
8. Wet Cement
9. So Much You Can Do
10. Eleventeen
11. Loosen It Up
12. Goodbye Everybody
13. California Girls
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