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Counting Crows

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Counting Crows

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Counting Crows Biography

The Alternatine-Rock band Counting Crows was founded in the late '80s by lead singer Adam Duritz and guitarist David Bryson, the pair began performing acoustic music in clubs around San Francisco Bay Area, California USA.

The two teamed-up with guitar+mandolin player David Immerglück, bassist Matt Malley, keyboardist Charles Gillingham and drummer Steve Bowman; they started with a series of live shows and in 1992 opened for Bob Dylan in Los Angeles.
The next year saw the release of the group's debut full-length disc, "August And Everything After", it climbed The Billboard Top 200 reaching the #4 slot and remained in the chart for an unbelievable 93 weeks, selling over 7 million copies; following release of the LP, in August, the band expanded to a seven-piece with the addition of guitarist Dan Vickrey. The record generated three smash singles: "Mr. Jones" peaked at #2 on both Mainstream and Modern Rock charts and was followed by the Billboard's Rock top 20 hits "Rain King" and "Round Here".
In late 1994 drummer Ben Mize replaced Bowman and the band toured throughout Europe, in the meantime, a new single called "Einstein On The Beach (For An Eggman)", hit #1 on The Modern Rock chart.
In early October of 1996 was recorded the group's second LP, "Recovering The Satellites", after just a few weeks it was at the top of The Billboard 200 chart; another series of singles stormed The Billboard Rock charts: "Angels Of The Silences" and "A Long December" hit the top 5 while "Daylight Fading" and "Have You Seen Me Lately?", reached moderate top 40 placings.
Nearly two years later, Counting Crows issued a double live-set, "Across A Wire: Live In New York", which peaked at #19 on The Billboard 200 Albums chart.
In November 1999, the group released their third studio-album "This Desert Life", although "Hangin' Around" broke into the top 20 of The Modern Rock Tracks and hit #22 on The Billboard Hot 100 pushing the full-length into the top 10 of The North American Albums charts, it didn't appeal to fans on the wide scale as their previous discs.
The band returned three years later with "Hard Candy"; it peaked at #5 in U.S. and featured the Adult Top 40 hit single "American Girls" as well as "Big Yellow Taxi" which reached a respectable #42 on The Billboard Hot 100.
A 16-track compilation which included all of their major hits plus two new songs, was issued in late 2003, the set reached the #32 position on The Billboard 200 and the single "She Don't Want Nobody Near" was another Adult Top 40 hit for the band.
In May 2004 Counting Crows scored another Billboard's Hot 100 top 40 hit with "Accidentally In Love" a new song written and recorded for the soundtrack to the film "Shrek 2".

In March 2008 Counting Crows released their first album in five years their fifth studio set overall: "Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings". It included the single "You Can't Count On Me".


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