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Cowboy Junkies

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Cowboy Junkies

Cowboy Junkies photo 2004

Cowboy Junkies Biography

The Alternative-Rock Folk-Rock quartet Cowboy Junkies hails from Toronto, Ontario CANADA. Three of the band's members, singer Margo Timmins, guitarist + songwriter Michael Timmins and drummer Peter Timmins, are siblings and bassist Alan Anton, real name Alan Alizojvodic, has been a member since the group formed in the summer of 1985. Few bands have lasted nearly as long with their original line-up intact and fewer still have created as consistently satisfying a body of work.

Not too long after their inception, the foursome began performing live in local clubs and in October 1986 the group released their debut album, "Whites Off Earth Now!!", on their own independent label, Latent Records; it was recorded live at Studio 547 on a digital two-track using only one microphone.

One year later, the Junkies were reunited once again around a single microphone in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto to cut their second album, "The Trinity Session"; the set, recorded in just one night, was initially issued on Latent, but six months after the group put out the album, RCA Records signed the band and repackaged it for release on the label. The record broke into The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart reaching the #26 spot and spawned "Misguided Angel", their first top 10 hit in Canada; the second single, their cover of "Sweet Jane", peaked at #5 on the U.S. Modern Rock chart; the track was also featured on the 1994 hit movie "Natural Born Killers".

February 1990 saw the release of the band's third effort, "The Caution Horses" but the record didn't achieve the same traction, even though the main single, "Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning", rose to #11 on The Modern Rock chart. The album eventually reached the #47 position on The Billboard Top 200.

The follow-up album, "Black Eyed Man", released in February 1992, hit #76 in the U.S. and continued to show the band's growth as one of Canada's top alt-Rock act; the set included the single "Murder, Tonight, In The Trailer Park" which gave them the #25 spot on The Modern Rock chart.

1993's "Pale Sun Crescent Moon", was hailed by critics as one of the group's best records since "The Trinity Session", but the album sold poorly outside of their native Canada; it generated a Modern Rock top 30 hit with "Anniversary Song".

Following the release of the live-set, "200 More Miles, Live Performances 1985-1994", in February 1996, Cowboy Junkies delivered their sixth album and first for Geffen, "Lay It Down". The record peaked at #55 in the United States highlighted by the single "A Common Disaster" which rose to the #20 position on The Modern Rock chart.

"Miles From Our Home", was the second and final full-length disc issued on Geffen, unfortunately the record company went through a merger and the album barely entered the top 100 on The Billboard 200 upon its June 1998 release.

Cowboy Junkies then decided to resurrect their indie label Latent and released "Rarities, B-Sides And Slow, Sad Waltzes" in late 1999.
They followed it up with "Waltz Across America", a live-set compilation of 12 of the 60 songs played on the band's end-of-the-millennium tour of the U.S. and Canada.

In May 2001, the Junkies released "Open", their first studio album of new material in three years, the CD peaked at #107 on The Billboard Top 200 chart.

Another three full years passed before the group returned with a new album, "One Soul Now"; released in June 2004, it reached #127 on The Billboard 200 and included an atypically upbeat single titled "No Long Journey Home".

In August 2005, Cowboy Junkies released "Early 21st Century Blues", an album which features traditional tunes, covers of songs by other artists, including Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, U2 and others as well as two new compositions.

Continuing their singular creative journey, the foursome released their next studio album, "At The End Of Paths Taken", in April 2007.

In late 2008 Michael Timmins spent three months in China, he became enamored with the original Chinese music to which he was exposed as well as the sounds he encountered in everyday life. Both of these elements led to the creation of the latest Cowboy Junkies effort, "Remnin Park", the volume 1 of four albums, which is collectively called “The Nomad Series”.


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