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Crash Kings

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Crash Kings band

Crash Kings photo 2009

Crash Kings Biography

This Alternative-Rock trio started out as a guitar driven band without a guitar. Based in Los Angeles, California USA, the band consists of lead vocalist + keyboardist Antonio 'Tony' Beliveau, bass player Michael 'Mike' Beliveau and drummer Jason Morris.
From a long line of musicians, dad played piano and grandpa played organ, the Beliveau brothers have played in five bands together prior to Crash Kings.
The group have gotten a bit innovative in their quest to create Rock with just keys, bass and drums. With tube overdrive and multiple amps Mike's bass brings heaviness to the band's sound. On top of that Tony plays a clavinet, a keyboard with guitar strings, which has been customized with a large whammy bar allowing him to bend notes like a guitar producing an entirely new sound. Having these two very unique elements makes the Crash Kings' music feel raw and full at the same time.
In a few short months after coming together the trio was quick to draw the attention of Linda Perry, who immediately wanted to sign them to her label, Custard.

Once Linda Perry and Custard were on board, the band showcased their talent for head of Universal Motown, that released their self-titled debut CD in May 2009, which they rocked on their first national tour opening for none other than Chris Cornell. The CD features the alt-Rock radio single "Mountain Man".


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Crash Kings (2009)

Crash Kings self-titled album
1. Mountain Man
2. 1985
3. It's Only Wednesday
4. Come Away
5. Non-Believer
6. 14 Arms
7. Raincoat
8. You Got Me
9. Saving Grace
10. My Love
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