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Crazy Town

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Crazy Town band

Crazy Town photo 2002

Crazy Town Biography

This Rap-Metal group was founded in Los Angeles, California USA, in the late '90s by rappers Bret 'Epic' Mazur and Shifty Shellshock, with real name Seth Brooks Binzer; after emerging from the Los Angeles, California USA, underground Hip-Hop scene the pair teamed-up with guitarists Rust Epique and Antonio Lorrenzo 'Trouble' Valli, bass player Doug 'Faydoedeelay' Miller, turntablist Adam 'DJ A.M.' Goldstein and drummer James 'JBJ' Bradley Junior.

In 1999 the seven-man crew released their debut album, "The Gift Of Game", an explosive cocktail of Punk Hip-Hop Metal which pierced The Billboard 200 reaching the #9 spot, its first single, "Butterfly", stormed the U.S. charts peaking at #1 on The Billboard Hot 100, on The Modern Rock Tracks and also on The Hot Dance Singles-Sales; it was followed by a second single cut, "Revolving Door" and the buzz on the band grew overseas as well; in the meantime guitarist Kraig 'Squirrel' Tyler replaced Rust Epique who left the group due to “musical differences”. Crazy Town spent a lot of time on the road, touring with a variety of acts including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sugar Ray, P.O.D., Linkin Park and by the time their first CD went on to sell 2,5 million copies.
In November 2002 the band issued "Darkhorse", it included the single "Drowning" which barely reached the top 30 of the Mainstream and Modern Rock charts; their sophomore effort failed to achieve the same fortunes as its predecessor and the band broke up soon after.

Shifty, who dropped Shellshock from his nick-name, released a solo album in 2004; also that year, former guitarist Rust Epique died on Tuesday, March 9 in Las Vegas at the age of 35 of heart attack.


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Crazy Town pictures:

  • Crazy Town band 1999 Crazy Town band 1999
    Group shot 1999

The Gift Of Game (1999)

The Gift Of Game
1. intro
2. Toxic
3. Think Fast
4. Darkside
5. Black Cloud
6. Butterfly
7. Only When I'm Drunk
8. Hollywood Babylon
9. Face The Music
10. Lollipop Porn
11. Revolving Door
12. Players (Only Love You When They're Playing)
13. B-Boy 2000
14. outro: WWW.Crazytown.Com

Darkhorse (2002)

1. Decorated
2. Hurt You So Bad
3. Drowning
4. Change
5. Candy Coated
6. Waste Of My Time
7. Sorry
8. Battle Cry
9. Take It To The Bridge
10. Skulls And Stars
11. Beautiful
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